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1 Inch 1050W 1000n. M Electric Wrench; Electric Torque Wrench; Electric Impact Wrench

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 28, 2017

Electric Wrench, Electric Torque Wrench, Electric Impact Wrench manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 1 Inch 1050W 1000n. M Electric Wrench; Electric Torque Wrench; Electric Impact Wrench,Professional Cordless Impact Wrench; Cordless Wrench,21V Professional Cordless Rotary Hammer and so on. 

Impact wrenches are most often in use in the car industry for removing lug nuts on tires to change a tire and to tighten them when replacing a tire. Both air and electric styles will effectively perform this task. There are other applications for engine bolts and parts where a pre-determined amount of torque is applied. Impact wrenches are also useful on construction sites for metal framework and on assembly lines for many products. 


Model number: PT0203601 electric wrench

Collect chuck size: 25.4X25.4mm(1 inch electric wrench) 

No-load speed: 1400r/min

Rated input power: 1050W

Rated input voltage: 110/220/240V

Rated input frequency: 50/60Hz

Max torque: 1000N. M

Suitable bolt capacity: M24-M36


All electric wrenches turn both counterclockwise to unscrew a lug nut and clockwise in order to replace and tighten lug nuts. They also all have a trigger to pull in order to supply power to them. Also has an additional handle on the left side for additional gripping power so they do not slide off the lug nut when it is completely tight. 

DOUTEC POWER is initially a pure technical corporation, who worked as consultant for bolt tools factories to solve technical problems, offered special solutions to big projects and provided products testing, site debugging, as well as after-sale service for these factories.The main products are Electric Torque Wrench,Pneumatic Torque Wrench,Hydraulic Torque Wrench,Bolt Tensioner etc.

More information on Electric Torque Wrenchhttp://www.dudemachinery.com/doutec/electric-torque-wrench/