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3/4 Inch Electric Torque Wrench

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 28, 2017

Electric Torque Wrench, Electric Impact Wrench, Electric Wrench manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 3/4 Inch 588n. Electric Torque Wrench,1600W 35mm Professional Wall Chaser and so on. 

Electric torque wrenches are most often in use in the car industry for removing lug nuts on tires to change a tire and to tighten them when replacing a tire. Both air and electric styles will effectively perform this task. There are other applications for engine bolts and parts where a pre-determined amount of torque is applied. Electric torque wrenches are also useful on construction sites for metal framework and on assembly lines for many products. 

General operating instruction: 

The Electric torque Wrench is equipped with a rocker-type, trigger that can switch between clockwise (forward) rotation to counterclockwise(reverse) rotation. 

1. Press the desired Socket (sold separately) onto the Anvil. 

2. Plug the Power Cord into a grounded outlet. 

3. Press the LOWER part of the Trigger for clockwise (FORWARD) rotation or the UPPER part of the trigger for counterclockwise (REVERSE) rotation. 

4. When finished, release the Trigger. 

Note: The amount of actual torque may vary depending on the condition of the threads and other factors. If tightening critical components, check the actual torque applied to the fastener with a mechanical torque wrench (not supplied). 

5. To prevent accidents, turn off the tool and disconnect its power supply after use. Clean, then store the tool indoors out of children's reach. 

DOUTEC POWER is initially a pure technical corporation, who worked as consultant for bolt tools factories to solve technical problems, offered special solutions to big projects and provided products testing, site debugging, as well as after-sale service for these factories.The main products are Electric Torque Wrench,Pneumatic Torque Wrench,Hydraulic Torque Wrench,Bolt Tensioner etc.

More information on Electric Torque Wrenchhttp://www.dudemachinery.com/doutec/electric-torque-wrench/