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700n (Double End) Hydraulic Internal Combustion Bolt Wrench

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 14, 2017

1. Hydraulic driven. Torque is tightened through static torque stepless adjustment. 

2. It is a proprietary technology. It tightens small torque at high speed and is automatically switched to low speed when torque resistance is increased. 

3. Visual display of torque and night-time lighting. It is convenient and highly efficient. 

4. Uniform bolt tightening. It is helpful to railway construction and maintenance. 

5. It is widely used in track laying and fine-tuning of high-speed railway construction. 

DOUTEC POWER is initially a pure technical corporation, who worked as consultant for bolt tools factories to solve technical problems, offered special solutions to big projects and provided products testing, site debugging, as well as after-sale service for these factories.The main products are Electric Torque Wrench,Pneumatic Torque Wrench,Hydraulic Torque Wrench,Bolt Tensioner etc.

More information on Electric Torque Wrenchhttp://www.dudemachinery.com/doutec/electric-torque-wrench/