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Hardware informationwrench of proper use, you may not know, Oh

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2016

Families often use open ended spanner (wrench). It has single and double the first two, the opening is and adapted to the bolt head and nut size, and according to the standard size of a set. Overall wrench on the square, hexagonal and 12 angles (commonly known as Torx wrench). Torx wrench quite wide in rural electrician, it just turned 30 degrees, you can change the direction of pull, so more convenient to work in narrow places.

Socket wrench is made up of a set of size ranging from Plum cylinder, when used with a continuous rotation of the handle of the bow, and higher efficiency. When the dimensions of the screws or nuts or wrench position is so narrow, you can use ratchet wrench. Wrench swing angle is very small, can tighten and loosen the screw or nut. Screw when turning the handle clockwise.

Square drive socket mounted on a pole. When the handle is pulled in the opposite direction, pole slide the ratchet teeth slant, screw or nut will not be reversed. If necessary loosen the screws or nuts, simply turn the ratchet wrench in a counterclockwise direction to turn.

Hexagon Hexagon socket wrench for disassembly screws. Some commonly used in the electromechanical product disassembly. Dynamometric wrench with a long flexible pole, its carrying handle at one end and the other end with a square or hexagonal head, square or hexagonal head set a sleeve that can be changed using the card. At the top was also equipped with a long pointer. Scale plate fixed on the handle, each scale value is 1 Newton (or kg/m). When the tightening force of a certain value, or a few nuts (or bolts) need to be tightened with the same force, this wrench is used. Hex wrench for assembling and dismantling large hex screw or nut, outside electrical steel frame structures used to load and unload the Eiffel Tower.

This is box wrenches, commonly known as eyes wrench, hex nut or bolt disassembly and Assembly. Disassembly and assembly hex nut or bolt at the slightly concave particularly convenient. Monkey wrench and adjustable wrench, a tighten or loosen the angle tool for screws or nuts. Electricians commonly used 200, 250, 300mm three, when used according to the nuts the size of the selection. When used, the right hand grip handles. Hand back, flipping up the effort.

When you flip a small nut, needs to be constantly turning worm, adjusting wrench size should stay near the plate lip grip so hand and thumb modulation gear to fit the nut size. Adjustable spanner wrench when clamping nut, pull on the lip, turning lip at the bottom. Adjustable wrench must not, in turn, use. When you are flipping the rusty nuts, can add a few drops of kerosene or on the nut oil, this good turn. When in screwed fixed, must not adopt steel monkey wrench handle increase torque, because it can easily damage the active plate lips. Not when the hammer with a monkey wrench.

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