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Integrated hydraulic Rama (puller) methods and points for attention

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2016

Integrated hydraulic Rama (puller) methods and points for attention

1, when used in a hydraulic puller sets into the slotted end of the handle back to the valve stem, and return valve Rod screwing in a clockwise direction.

2, claw hook claws adjust to grasp the object.

3, insert the handle lift tilts back and forth hand hole in the piston rod to move forward smoothly, clawed back, is pulling objects out of the way.

4, the piston rod of the hydraulic gear puller effective from 50mm, so use outreach cannot be greater than 50mm, when there is no pull out the stops, release the oil return valve, piston rod back, adjusted the second repeat after 1, 2, 3 step out of it.

5, to make the piston rod back, simply use the slotted end of the handle to valve stem counter-clockwise slightly unscrew piston rod in the spring gradually back.

6, before use should be based on the outside diameter of the object being pulled, and the load, select the appropriate tonnage hydraulic gear puller, should not overload, to avoid damage.

7, the hydraulic gear puller-5 ¡æ ~45 ¡æ use (GB443-84) N15 mechanical oil use in-20 c ~-5 c, (GB442-64) spindle oil synthesis.

8, in order to prevent overloading causes equipment damage, hydraulic unit equipped with automatic unloading valve of overload, when the object to be pulled when the rated load is exceeded, super automatic unloading valve and re-election with a larger tonnage hydraulic puller.