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New Electric Torque Wrenches

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 17, 2017

The all new ETW-Series  Electric Torque Wrench; a simple fastening solution, which allows you to quickly, accurately and safely fasten critical joints.  Electric Torque Wrench are particularly well suited to complex jobs, which demand precision and traceability.The touchscreen is simple to navigate, allowing fastening requirements to be input quickly and easily, while the impact resistant control panel on the back of the wrench gives the operator the freedom to control the wrench while on the application.

DOUTEC POWER is initially a pure technical corporation, who worked as consultant for bolt tools factories to solve technical problems, offered special solutions to big projects and provided products testing, site debugging, as well as after-sale service for these factories.The main products are Electric Torque Wrench,Pneumatic Torque Wrench,Hydraulic Torque Wrench,Bolt Tensioner etc.

More information on Electric Torque Wrenchhttp://www.dudemachinery.com/doutec/electric-torque-wrench/