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The main type of wrench

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2016

Wrenches are divided into two basic, die wrench and adjustable wrench: the former refers to the already fixed wrench on the numbers, which is the monkey wrench.

1. wrenches: one end or both ends there are a fixed size of openings, which twists to size nut or bolt. 2. end wrenches: ends with the working end of the hex or 12 holes, suitable for working space, you cannot use an ordinary wrench.

3. combination wrench: same as the single-head wrench at one end, and at the other end wrenches the same, twists the same specifications of the bolt or nut at both ends.

4. adjustable wrench: opening width can be adjusted in a certain size range, twists of different sizes of bolts or nuts.

5. hook wrench: also known as the crescent wrench, nuts used to twists the thickness limit.

6. socket wrench: it is made of more than one with a hexagonal bore or 12-point hole sleeve and equipped with handles, rods and other accessories, especially for twists very narrow or deep recessed bolts or nuts.

7. hex wrench: l-shaped hex bar wrenches designed twists Hexagon socket screws. Hexagon wrench models are in accordance with the edge of the six-party size, bolt size standards.

Applications: designed for fastening or disassembly machine tools, vehicles, machinery and equipment on the round nut.

8. torque wrench: it twists when a bolt or nut, the torque exerted by the show; or when the applied torque is reached after the specified value will make light or sound signals. Applies torque wrench to the torque explicitly installed.

9. adjustable wrench: the structural characteristics of the wrench are made with a fine-tooth fixed jaw clamp concave active NIP one end made of flat JAWS; made with fine teeth at the other end of AO qiankou; down the driven worm activity JAWS can be quickly removed, the replacement of jaw position.