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Torque wrench plays a very important role in the daily life

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2016

Torque wrench: torque wrench you should all know about it. Daily life there are many places where I can use torque wrenches in General where there are screws torque wrench must be used.

Digital torque wrench

Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, railways, bridges, pressure vessels, has strict requirements for screw tightening torque screw tightening torque of special digital torque wrench. Digital torque wrenches can be quantitative tightening torque being applied to threaded fasteners in digital form and displays the size of the tightening torque. Our digital torque wrench with accurate display, stable performance, long life, low power consumption, easy to use.

Picture digital torque wrench

Role of the preset type torque wrench

Such as automobiles, tractors and other special preset torque wrenches for cylinder Assembly and preset type torque wrench require high precision, high stability is especially suitable for accurate fastener torque test, we preset-type torque wrenches can be left operating torque accuracy: ± 3%. Can be used with socket wrench Sockets, used for fastening Hexagon head bolt, nut, can show when the tightening torque value. Bolt and nut torque specified in Assembly work (such as automobiles, tractors of the cylinder Assembly), would apply this preset type torque wrench.

Picture preset type torque wrench

Role of the electric torque wrench

Bolt welding and erection of bridges, depots, towers and chemical industry, metallurgy, power generation equipment, Assembly screw and bolts special with the function of automatic torque electric torque wrench.

Electric torque wrenches images

Dial torque wrench

Such as aerospace, aviation, marine, rail, construction machinery, electric power industries of screw tightening torque special dial torque wrench.

Picture dial torque wrench

Following our valves are examples

Valves are widely used. But in making the valve must meet the design standards, or if the certified product may be unsafe, especially the chemical plants, gas plants, heating supply these places to more security risks. Such as gas works, if the valve does not meet the requirements of your design, led to a gas leak, fire most likely serious explosions may occur. People live only once, out of the accident you won't take responsibility for security. Torque Wrenches can help you very good detection you made or you are using a torque of valve is eligible, help you eliminate the risk in advance, for the safety and protection of workers ' safety.

In our daily lives, can use torque wrenches are. Don't underestimate the torque wrench, may not seem useful, and in fact, as long as you will pay attention to it, will find the torque wrench in our daily lives plays a big role.