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Energy Yongmei Group Xinqiao Coal Mine In Henan Province: Made A Small Wrench

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2016

Recently, I visited Henan Yongmei group Xinqiao coal mine machine repair shop, learned that workers in three valve overhaul, usually in a three-way valve on the lab tests. At the time of the three-way valve is installed on the test bench, used to be manual screw get installed. Due to the limited hand strength, in turn three valve thread easily hands down, time twist old easily lead to wrist pain and not tight on the thread easy. Prone in the three-way valve pressure test pressure relief, and affect the results of the stress tests, resulting in stress tests fail, also need to stress-test again, repeat the test reduced the efficiency of the three-way valve repair. For solution these problem, machine repair shop workers design processing has three with valve repair dedicated convenient wrench, used 4 is in charge of welding processing, making simple, using lightweight, can achieved in three with valve pressure test Shi on three with valve end of card tight fixed, province Shi effort, greatly reduced has workers intensity, efficiency high, while guarantee has three with valve of maintenance quality, quality standard rate significantly upgrade.

The factory workers presented to the author of the results has the following advantages: 1, the process is simple, using lightweight and convenient and practical. 2, three-way valve maintenance more efficient, avoiding the occurrence of repeated stress tests in the past, service quality has been significantly improved. One side of the three-way valve using a portable wrenches, using Steel Reinforcing Rod on one side, cross, three-way valve threaded fastening is better, not pressure relief in the stress test, stress test results. 3, took advantage of leveraged, using a smaller force, achieve greater torque tighten the screw fixing, saving time and effort, and reduce labor intensity.

Due to underground mining excavation teams using three valves require more, machine repair shop to fix a certain amount every month of the three-way valve, after the three-way valve repair special wrench and put into use, the effect is obvious, has been recognized by employees. The spanner for manufacture is simple, practical, and three-way valve on the test bench screw fastening, pressure testing when pressure relief, quality guaranteed, easy to reduce wrist fatigue, reduce labor intensity and three-way valve repair efficiency has also been improved significantly. The results achieved good results, has a good spread value. Correspondent: Takahira