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Kennametal New Generation High Efficiency Machining And Finishing Of Aluminum Alloy Hard Drill

Dude Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2016

On the growing process of aluminum alloy, the coolant flow and concentration requirements are high, how to resolve a minimal quantity lubrication conditions, makes the tool life of the higher processing and processing efficiency, development of tools is an important topic.

Kennametal's new generation of HPS

Beyond solid carbide drills for non-ferrous alloy, particularly for machining of aluminium alloy materials under conditions of minimal quantity lubrication, specially designed. Mainly the cylinder, cylinder head, crankcase outside the body, hood, suspension components, brake caliper installation process.

Kennametal HPS Beyond solid carbide drills

HPS drill design

Sharp cutting edges ensure that aluminum and other non-ferrous materials processing have a longer service life.

HP product through incremental angle drill designed to ensure high feed machining performance and excellent centring properties.

Spiral Groove using a unique polishing process, positive design, optimizing chip performance, especially for aluminum drilling needs.

More chip slot designs

Ensure a better chip performance and higher metal removal rate.

KN15 Beyond material

Blade material specifically designed for aluminum materials to avoid the formation of built-up, ensuring a better chip performance and higher metal removal rate.

D-optimal design of Cutter bar programme, suitable for MQL machining

Back-end more chamfer design, in line with the DIN69090-3 (circular cylindrical products for MQL machining), make sure that the coolant flows smoothly, and there are no leaks.